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Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners

Customers are often surprised when we ask the question, “when was the last time you fertilized”?  Vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs all need fertilizer, the essential nutrients that help plant material thrive.  Abbott’s carries a range of fertilizers that will help your garden, lawn and farm thrive.

One thing that can really help a garden get off to a great start is having quality soil.  In this area, heavy red clay is predominant and most plants, vegetables, flowers, trees or shrubs do not thrive in heavy clay.  We recommend products for breaking up heavy clay and adding organic matter back in the soil. 

Our most popular fertilizers 

  • All purpose 10-10-10 for use on many trees, shrubs, flower and vegetable gardens
  • Organic Espoma fertilizers including Holly Tone, Garden Tone, Rose Tone and more
  • Miracle Gro
  • Milorganite - (Fertilizer and Deer Repellent)

Our most popular soil conditioners

  • Perma-Till
  • Daddy Pete’s full line of soil mixes including composted cow manure, raised bed mix, planting mix and top soil

Let us help you figure out the best fertilizer solutions for your garden or landscape. 

Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners